San Antonio solar kits

If you’re looking to put up a solar kit in San Antonio, Texas you’re not alone. More and more people are flocking to solar power as the demand for energy independence grows. In addition to supplying clean, sustainable power solar panels can help you get completely off the grid.
What does that mean? Well in San Antonio, Texas just like anywhere else in the country, the majority of power is supplied by the power company via the power grid. This is the system of power plants, transmission lines, sub stations, and distribution lines that connect every home and company to the power system. To go off grid, a home must be able to supply 100% of its own power needs and then some.
While that may sound like a pipe dream, it is really a realistic goal. If you put up just 2-3 kilowatt/hours of power in San Antonio, Texas you could run a typical house on that feed. There are solar kits that can be made to order and shipped to you. If you don’t feel comfortable putting up your own solar panels, there are local contractors willing to do it for you.