Samlex InvertersSamlex solar inverters come in pure or true sine as well as modified sine wave styles. Even among these broader categories, the international distributor offers a wide selection of products specialized for different needs. For instance, some inverters may be suited for general home or RV use, others for light duty commercial use, and still others for heavy duty industrial applications.

It is possible to purchase some Samlex solar inverters with built in AC battery chargers. These are particularly useful for RVs and essential for back up power systems. Of course, this feature is not necessary for everyone. Inverters operating below 1000 watts will not include the option.

Samlex solar inverters may also be grid connected. The Soleil 2000 and Soleil 4000-240 Grid Tie Inverters are some specific examples of this. These products allow for surplus power to be created and sold back to the utility.