Residential Solar Installer

A residential solar installer specializes in smaller photovoltaic arrays and custom set ups for the many different characteristics of residential homes. Roofs are often the most efficient place to install solar panels. They are out of they way, not generally used for anything, and have more access to sunlight than a solar panel on the ground. Since there is almost no maintenance for solar panels after they are installed, they can be installed out of the way.

Residential solar installers also work with local power companies as well as filing all the necessary paperwork for government rebates. This makes it much easier for homeowners to convert to solar power. Most residential solar power is tied back into the existing electrical grid, so on cloudy days and at night power is still drawn from the regular power grid, but while its sunny the power meter will literally run backwards indicating that power is being sent back to the main grid. This basically uses the existing power structure as a giant battery.

Checking the credentials of residential solar installers is essential. Many electricians are not certified, trained or insured to install solar panels. A licensed and insured installer will be more professional and reliable, as well as liable for any mistakes they make. They can also accurately instruct a homeowner about how to keep a panel clean, which greatly improves its efficiency and is basically the only maintenance that solar panels need.