Pittsburg solar kits

Since Pittsburgh has already been named a “Solar American City” it just makes sense to look at getting your home or business some solar power. There are some programs and incentives that you can get for installing solar kits on your property.

Pittsburgh was one of only 13 states to receive the “Solar American City” award in 2007. The Department of Energy gave them this award and the potential to receive money to further improve the city in a solar energy aspect. The city has a large amount of people willing to work on solar projects and businesses that create solar products. This on top of the fact that it can serve as an example to the rest of the country made it a perfect candidate for this award.
Now there are lots of companies in the city that are ready to give estimates on homes and commercial properties. You can help keep up Pittsburgh’s great solar track-record by adding solar panels to your property. Check into the current programs available to assist people in making educated decisions on buying solar kits.