Critical Solar Lighting


Ensure family safety and protect possessions with motion-sensor solar security lights. Quick, easy, wire-free installation and zero operating costs make solar security lights a great option for the home or business.

Solar security lights are ideal for:

storage sheds
barn stalls
court areas
pool shacks
utility structures
industrial warehouses
boat houses
RV storage
ski huts
tack rooms
barn stalls
tree and play houses
OR any remote structure with difficult access to utility power

What if it’s cloudy? Will my security light still charge?
It’s never too cloudy to collect solar energy. Daylight conditions alone have a charging effect. If there is good visibility, even in rain, a solar panel is able to collect and store energy.

How much back-up do I need?
The typical back-up built into most security lighting is 2-3 days. A well-designed solar lighting system can store sufficient energy for 5 or more consecutive days without bright sunlight. offers a variety of environmentally conscious and cost-effective solar security lights for strong, full coverage. Call one of our friendly customer service representatives at 1-866-SUN-PRODUCTS (1-866-786-7763) to find a lighting solution today!

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