Outback solar inverters are a tough, well-built brand of power inverter.

Every home solar power system requires an inverter to switch the DC current that solar panels create into AC for use in your house.

Outback solar inverters come in different ranges to accommodate any size of residential solar system.

A small, supplementary system may only require a 12 volt capacity, while a large house looking to operate fully off-grid could require up to a 48 volt capacity inverter.

Outback Inverters

Outback Solar Inverters

Outback GTFX and GVFX Grid Intertie Inverters and Systems

The Outback GTFX and GVFX series is a grid-tie version of the FX inverters. Available as either turbo cooled and sealed, the GTFX, or internally ventilated, the GVFX. With these inverters you can sell solar, wind and hydro power back to the utility grid. When the utility power goes out, the inverter will automatically switch to battery power and your renewable sources to run your critical loads. The inverter can be set so that either utility power or your renewable sources will recharge the battery after an outage. To prevent AC power draw at night, automatic “silent” sell mode is built in. Stacked inverters optimize conversion efficiency by matching the number of inverters to the amount of power being sold or used. Daily energy production is within a few percentage points of a batteryless grid tie system (depending on battery bank). 2 inverters can be stacked for 120/240v output. Until the improved generator interface is developed, they are not recommended for off-grid use. Two year warranty.

Outback FX Sealed Inverters with Turbo Fan

The OutBack FX-series is designed to survive harsh environments anywhere in the world. Their unique sealed, gasketed die-cast aluminum chassis protects and keeps the power conversion components cool - without requiring outside air to be blown through the sensitive electronics. This reduces the major causes of inverter failure - corrosion, dust, insect and animal damage. They can be used in high ambient temperature applications up to 60°C with reduced output ratings.

OutBack VFX Ventilated Inverters

The OutBack VFX series is a ventilated version of the original sealed FX series modular inverter/charger that can be used for both small and large power systems. By allowing cooler outside airflow through the internal electronics, more AC power is available and operation in extremely hot environments is improved compared to the sealed FX series. The full screened vent openings are “bug-proof” and the die-cast aluminum chassis protects and keeps the power conversion components cool in very hot environments even when operated at high power for extended periods. The VFX can be used in high ambient applications up to 60oC (with reduced output ratings) Ventilated inverters are a better choice when generator powered battery charging is an important part of system battery charging. The fan cooling allows far higher continuous battery charging current which results in shorter generator run time. ETL listed. Standard 2-year warranty with an available 5 year extended warranty.
Dimensions: 16.25”L x 8.25”W x 11.5”H.