New York Solar Installers

The NABCEP has certified nine New York solar installers with a PV practitioner license, the first license of its kind. There are only a total of 64 people in the United States that have this license, which requires adhering to strict standards, and completing a rigorous voluntary examination and certification process. The program is intended to provide customers and power companies with a high standard of safe solar energy. These NY solar installers are at the top of a budding new market.

These highly trained New York solar installers will set the standards for safe and reliable solar power. The solar market is growing so fast that often regular electrician’s end up being the most qualified installers for solar panels. Most standards in the past were set by the manufacturers of each solar panel, and varied from model to model. Having a certification course and national standards for solar panel use and installation will ensure that photovoltaic panels will retain their reputation for being safe and efficient. NY solar installers are expert roof panel designers as well.

New York solar installers are trained to find the best places for solar panels, and are excellent at complex roof installations. Many urban areas in New York require highly customized solar panel holders due to shadows caused by buildings or limited exposure. In some cases solar panels are mounted on the side of a building instead of a roof for greater exposure. These systems require a high standard of safety only a certified installer can perform. They also require specific calibration to harness more energy at certain times.