Modesto solar kits

Solar power has been catching on all over California, and Modesto is no exception. Within the city there are several companies that are willing to assist you in compiling and erecting a solar kit. These companies offer such perks as free in-home consultations, professional installation, and maintenance plans.

The Solar Electric Company is based in Modesto, and they offer online quotes in addition to in-home consultations. They among other companies also offer financing on your solar power kits. This can be a huge boon to families that would like to go solar, but don’t have the cash to front for it. Solar panels are not cheap, and there’s a big difference between noting the rising cost of electricity and being able to pay for it while saving money for a solar panel installation.

The average cost of installing solar panels in Modesto is 7-9 dollars per watt. This figure may not seem like much, until you think about the fact that an average home uses several kilowatts of power each day. If you were to install a 2.5 kilowatt system at nine dollars a watt your installation bill would run a hefty $22,500. While this bill does include installation and materials, it is still beyond what many can afford to pay up front for a home improvement. This is why financing is such a great option; it can allow you to start saving on your power bill now, rather than later.