MidNite Solar

After having designed renewable disconnection energy boxes for over twenty years, Midnite knows how to stay ahead of the ever growing power industry and continue to provide new designs and solutions. Produced and headquartered in America, this notable solar power brand sells their products across the globe. Observing what other companies did right and learning from trusted collogues, Midnight thinks they have found the secret to creating well designed high-performance MPPT products. Starting with listening to what consumers and industry leaders have told them, as well as experiencing several successes they have discovered that they key is to stay current, listen to feedback, and employ the best team possible.

Continually making changes to improve product functionality and design, Midnite solar has introduced their classic design. This design is a celebration of vintage product design and packaging. Classic charge controllers have a distinctive 1920’s inspired aesthetic, but don’t let the old-fashioned outside fool you. The Classic controller has provided some substantial improvements to the already exceptional Midnite charger product; improvements like increased flexibility, range, and safety. The Classic charger offers built-in DC-GFP and Arc Fault protection, solar, wind, and hydro MPPT modes, 20 Megs of data logging, and a Set-Up Wizard to walk you through the set-up process. To complete the vintage inspired Classic design, every charge controller comes in packaging that has retro art on the outside. Midnite Solar charge controllers not only look stylish, but make setting up your resource to saving energy easier than before. The charge controller’s set-up wizard walks you safely through hooking up your battery and wire sizing. Set-up Wizard also guides you in the appropriate selection of PV combiners and breakers so the controller is optimized to retain the appropriate amount of power from sunset till sunrise. MPPT Controllers, like the kind that Midnite Solar sell, are the ultimate in charge controllers, offering the highest efficiency percentages up to 98%. This allows the controller to optimize the match between solar array and the battery bank. Able to shut down for only milliseconds to observe the panel and make any necessary adjustments, MPPT controls have advanced technology that effectively adjust output and channel frequencies. An example of these abilities being put into action is the Set-Up Wizard’s voltage drop calculations. Aware of these maximum power character traits, Midnite Solar provides only the best charge controllers so consumers can take advantage of the natural energy that the environment has to offer.

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