Midnite Solar Classic 200 79a 12-72V MPPT Charge Controller

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The MidNite Classic charge controller maximizes the flexibility and features available in a charge controller. At this time, the Classic the only MPPT charge controller that offers arc fault detection. This will soon be required by the NEC. These charge controllers also include ground fault protection so that a separate GFP breaker assembly is not necessary and leaves those breaker spaces free for other uses. Three models accommodate solar arrays with up to 150, 200, or 250 VDC of operating voltage. Open circuit voltage (Voc) is based on operating voltage plus the battery voltage. This is called the HyperVOC zone. They have MPPT modes for solar, wind or hydro with user adjustable power curves, and a learning mode for self optimization. No hub is required for stacking Classics to act as one large controller. They have two auxiliary outputs, a dry contact relay and a 12V output. Each unit includes snap-on covers and hole plugs for sealing openings in dusty or salt-air environments, but about 20% reduction in output will result when used in sealed mode.
The Classic has built-in Ethernet, USB and RS-232 ports for two-way communications. An internal IP address allows the Classic to be a mini web server when hooked up to broadband. It has 32 MB of memory for data storage. A wizard driven setup covers battery bank size, string voltage, wind turbine selection, power and wire loss chart, PV breaker sizing and more. Firmware is user upgradable by downloading files.
The Classic works with the MidNite Clipper for wind and hydro applications to protect turbine and Classic from excessive voltage. The MidNite clipper will load the turbine based on one of five parameters: 1-max current; 2-max voltage; 3-max RPM's; 4-max wind speed; 5-as commanded by the Classic. In addition the Clipper can be programmed to automatically shut the turbine down during high wind conditions and will float the batteries when they are fully charged. Floating the batteries results in much reduced turbine speed. ETL listed and made in the U.S. 5-year warranty.


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