Maryland solar kits

Maryland, like most other states in America, is in need of alternative sources of energy. The traditional fossil-fuel based energy sources that have been used for the last century have begun to have an adverse effect on the environment. As populations continue to increase, the need for energy also increases. By continuing to rely on the conventional source of energy we will undoubtedly be increasing the damage to our planet.

Advances in photovoltaic technology has greatly improved their cost effectiveness for the average consumer. Homeowners throughout Maryland have turned to solar companies to help reign in their monthly energy expenses, often with great results. However, with one of the most stunning coast lines in the country, and the impeccable natural beauty of the state in general, many residents of Maryland feel that solar energy is in the best interest of their local ecology.

All across the state, homeowners are installing solar kits with great success. There are many solar companies based in Maryland that are experiencing a boom in business as the cost of traditional energy sources continue to rise. Solar panels can be used to dramatically decrease the electricity bills of the homeowner and the cost of installing such systems are often subsidized by the state.

The Maryland State Legislature has implemented a number of programs designed to offset the cost of installing a solar kit. While these programs can be of tremendous help to the average homeowner, the main idea is to reduce the amount of fossil fuel used to supply power to the state. The more solar kits that are used, the less dependant the residents are on oil, which in turn saves everybody money and reduces the amount of damage to the environment.

The renewable energy standard implemented by the Maryland legislature in 2004 was designed to ensure that 9.5% of all the energy produced within the state was to come from clean, renewable resources by the year 2022. In 2007 the standard was amended to 11.5%, with a goal of 1500 MW of electricity being harvested from solar power annually.

Maryland also offers its residents several different ways to save additional money when installing new solar kits. One such program offers to pay a homeowner (in the form of a rebate) 20% of the installation costs, up to $3000. There is also a property tax exemption that ensures that any increased value to your home that occurs by installing solar panels will not be additionally taxed.

In addition to state initiatives, there are numerous county and city programs that can be tapped to help lower the cost of solar kits even further. City and county tax credits are available to most homeowners that choose to install solar panels, and personal income tax credits can also be found.

When these various rebates and tax credits are combined they often result in thousands of dollars in savings for the homeowner. This can reduce the out of pocket expense necessary to purchase the equipment, making in much more feasible for the average person. However, the best part is seeing your utility bills dwindle to a mere fraction of what they were before switching to solar energy.