Lakewood Solar Kits

Parking structures have been a touchy subject in many communities. Everyone would like plenty of free parking, business owners and customers alike. But parking structures are often ugly and useless most of the time. In Lakewood, Colorado the city has allowed commercial solar companies to begin installing solar panels onto parking structures.

By allowing a private company to supply and install the photovoltaic cells onto the structure, the city of Lakewood ends up saving a lot of money. The companies have signed an agreement with the city allowing them to lease the power back to the city at a lower cost than regular. The companies still own the panels but they sell the power much cheaper than a traditional power company.

The city of Lakewood did not have to come up with any money to convert some of their buildings to solar power, but they still do not reap the full benefit of solar power. They do end up saving a lot of money in the process though and pave the way for more solar power. When solar power is proliferated the price of electricity will be incredibly low if not non-existent.