Irvine solar kits

In Irvine California most of the solar homes are not off grid. Off grid is a term used when a home or company relies exclusively on its own power sources, whether they are solar kits, wind farms, or tidal power. As the term implies, the home or business is not connected to the regular power grid.

While going off grid is an admirable goal for anyone looking to go green, most solar panel kits don’t include everything you would need to do so. For instance you would need far more storage capacity in an off grid home than you would for a home that supplements its regular power with solar panels. This is because residential power use usually peaks at or near sunset- right when a solar based power system stops producing power. And that’s just the first technical difficulty.

You would also need to account for cloudy days, when your solar system would be operating at less than peak capacity. Even in places like Irvine that see over 300 days of sun a year, cloudy days will happen. You also require a larger array than most kits offer. A standard solar kit includes panels for the production of about 2 kilowatt hours of electricity. The average household uses slightly more than that, and if you want to go off grid your production needs to exceed your use significantly.