Advantages of solar energy

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Advantages of solar energy

Advantages of solar energyThere are many advantages of solar energy.

Here are some examples of what it has over oil, the world's current number one energy source:

•Solar energy is a renewable resource. Although it cannot be utilized at night or on cloudy days, its availability may be generally relied upon day after day. The solar energy supply will last as long as the sun.

•Oil, on the other hand, is not renewable. It takes millions of years to form. Currently, oil reserves are being depleted at a rate much quicker than more would take to develop.

•Solar energy is non-polluting. Of all the advantages of solar energy over oil, this is perhaps the most important. The burning of oil releases carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the air. In addition to this, the process of obtaining it may result in damaged ecosystems through dredging or spills.

•Solar cells are long-lasting and require very little maintenance

• Although solar panels and their accessories (solar lights, etc.) may be expensive to buy at the onset, money is saved in the long run. This is because energy from the sun is widely available and free. Today rising oil prices are a major frustration on many government as well as individual levels.

•Solar powered lights and other solar powered products are very easy to install. This is because there are few wiring issues and little need to ever dig supporting trenches.

The many advantages of solar energy range from benefiting your pocketbook to benefiting the environment. In contrast, few features could be considered disadvantages. These include the current costliness of solar cells, as well as the fact that solar power cannot be created at night or on darkened days (though it can be stored during brighter times.)

Still, the advantages of solar energy far outweigh the disadvantages. In addition to this, the disadvantages are sure to be overcome as technology improves.