Home Solar Power Installers

Home solar power installers are recommended for smaller applications of solar power. Having solar power installed for a house can help lower the cost of electricity, in some cases eliminate monthly power payments completely. Tax credits and rebates can help defray the initial cost of installing solar panels as well. After panels are installed, there is no money that has to be put back into them, and minimal maintenance.

Many homes require unique power needs that can be effectively met with home solar power installers. One area that solar power greatly benefits is when there is no existing power grid, such as in rural areas. An array of solar panels can provide enough electricity for a home or cabin in most cases, and coupled with a good battery can supply power at anytime, even when the panels are not collecting energy.

In areas where there is an existing power grid, many home solar power installers will connect the photovoltaic panels to the power company’s meter. This is called grid-tie solar power and its advantages are that a battery is not needed, and power will always be available when needed. Batteries end up losing most of their storage capacity over time, and cannot remain charged for long. They are also expensive and require more regular maintenance. Grid tie allows excess power created during the day to go back to the main power grid, basically using the grid as a giant battery. While the panels are producing excess energy, the power meter will actually go in reverse, and if enough is generated the power company may end up owing money back.