Glendale solar kits

Glendale, Arizona is home to many solar energy consumers. As is the case with much of the state, Glendale is a prime location for the production of electricity through the use of solar kits. Many homes and businesses in the area are already benefiting from solar power.

There are a number of homes throughout the Glendale area that are taking advantage of an often overlooked use of solar energy: hot water. Solar panels are used to heat you home’s water, and then that water is stored in a tank for future use. These systems are much more economical than the traditional water heater and are much better for the environment.

Many solar companies offer solar powered water heaters and are often happy to do the installation as well. In many cases they will be able to come to your home and give you an estimate based on you needs and location. When properly installed, these systems can save the average homeowner upwards of 80-90% on their water heating bill.