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The FRONIUS Public Display is constructed on the plug & play principle. Just insert the plug-in card or box and any cables supplied, select the display values and away you go. The complete package includes interface and alphanumeric large-format display.

The FRONIUS IG Personal Display is easy to install and easy to use. The readout and interface are based on the same display that comes standard on all FRONIUS IG Series inverters.Although tested to 150 feet indoors and 500 feet outdoors, there are many reports from the field of the units transmitting from much farther distances.

Fronius Solar Inverters

The FRONIUS IG inverters offer high efficiency, precision MPP-tracking, and intelligent thermal management, all of which result in superior energy output from grid-tied photovoltaic systems. Their wide input voltage range (150-450 volts) permit the use of modules in any power and voltage range. Their light weight and innovative mounting hardware make them very easy to install.

Built-in DC and AC disconnects eliminate the need for external breakers in some cases, reducing total system costs. FRONIUS IG inverters come standard with an integrated LCD that displays and records over 20 parameters pertaining to inverter and system operation. Fronius inverters have 3 expansion slots that allow you to add features, such as external sensors and remote displays. You can use a personal computer to update the inverter with the latest software upgrades.

The larger inverters (over 3kw) are built with the same power stages as the smaller ones, but use 2 of them. When these inverters see less than 1/2 array capacity, one stage turns off, giving the inverter higher efficiency during periods of low insolation. UL listed. 7-year warranty.

FRONIUS IG Wireless Personal Display

The Personal Display can aggregate data for up to 15 FRONIUS IG inverters or show data for each individual inverter in a system – i.e., data from a system that is over 75 kW AC can be viewed together or as sub-systems. It shows instantaneous data such as power, voltage and current, and it will store the daily and cumulative. The display offers two levels of access: easy and pro. In the easy level, homeowners can view system basics like power, energy output, CO2 offset, and the number of dollars saved; meanwhile, the pro level offers more advanced users information like voltage, current and grid frequency. The unit was designed with a backlit display and a stylish silver case to attract the attention of solar enthusiasts and their visitors alike. The display can mount on a wall near a thermostat or clock, or be placed on the coffee table or nightstand.
A wireless card is required for each inverter to be monitored.

FRONIUS IG Public Display

The data of up to 100 inverters, can be selected for the rotating display. One value in the group is picked as the favourite and is then displayed every second time the value changes. The following values can be displayed: AC-Power – Total Energy – Energy/Day - Energy/Year - CO2 Total - CO2/Year - CO2/Day - Total Earnings – Earnings/Day – Earnings/Year - Date & Time. A Com Card (30.3425 on next page) must be installed
in each inverter to be monitored.