Fort Collins Solar Kits

In Fort Collins, Colorado, solar energy is serious business. It is home to one of the leading solar power companies in the west, AVA Solar. They were one of the few green companies that were invited to the signing of the economic stimulus bill in Denver, Colorado. That bill is poised to help their industry more than any other solar legislation.

The plant, located in Fort Collins builds photovoltaic cells to be used in solar power plants. Once the plant is up to speed it will be creating enough solar panels to power 40,000 homes. The economic stimulus bill includes many provisions for solar applications, one will pay up to 30% of the entire cost of installation and photovoltaic cells but this deal expires at the end of 2010.

With the stimulus bill passed, Fort Collins based AVA Solar is prepared to add over 400 employees this year, but they estimate that over 4,000 jobs could be created in their own factories over the next couple of years if the stimulus bill does what it says. This bill could give solar power the traction that it needs to overcome oil and coal as the leading fuels.