Florida Solar Kits

St Petersburg
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The Sunshine State is an ideal location for creating solar energy. In fact, next to the desert southwest, Florida has the biggest potential for producing solar power. According to the Florida Solar Energy Center, the state has “85% of the maximum photovoltaic resource of any location in the country”.

The availability of year round sunlight makes Florida one of the most solar friendly locations in the country. For the residents of the state, this can be of great benefit both economically and ecologically. By reducing the amount of fossil fuel-based electricity that the average Floridian consumes, solar power can help protect the sensitive ecology that is unique to that state.

There are many Florida based solar companies that can help you install a solar kit for your home. These kits can include everything from a solar water heater to a residential solar power system that can make your home completely independent of the community energy grid. Solar kits like these can help to reduce your monthly utility bills and help improve the environment.

Installing a residential solar kit can be done by yourself, but it is often recommended that you hire a solar professional to do the work. Many Florida solar companies offer installation services and guarantee their work. These experts are familiar with all the possible problems that can arise while installing a solar electricity system, which can save you a lot of time and energy when compared with doing it yourself.

Commercial solar is an increasingly popular option for many companies throughout Florida. In today’s economy it is important that business expenses be kept at a minimum, and solar energy is an effective means of achieving that goal. Many companies find that they can save as much as 40-50% on their energy bills by converting to solar power. Savings like this can have a tremendously positive effect on a company’s bottom line.

The state of Florida offers many incentives for installing solar kits, for both residential and commercial applications. Small rebates of 400-500 dollars are available in some locations just for installing a solar water heater. Much larger rebates (often thousands of dollars) can be received for complete residential and commercial solar conversions. When combined with federally sponsored solar incentive programs, the cost of purchasing and installing a solar kit in your home or business is considerably more affordable.

The residents of Florida are very fortunate to have the solar resources that make photovoltaic produced electricity practical. Renewable sources of energy like solar can not only help reduce our dependence on foreign oil, but they can be of tremendous benefit to the environment. Florida is home to one of the most extraordinarily diverse natural environments on earth, and its residents are proud of that fact. Converting to solar energy is an excellent means of protecting that environment.

Florida’s solar energy companies are among the industry leaders. Because of its warm and sunny climate, the state is one of the best locations for producing solar power. This makes in an ideal poster child for renewable energy.