Find Solar Installers

There are many Web sites that can help you find solar installers in your area. Most of these sites will have either a state-by-state listing or a place to type in your zip code. This is a very popular method when trying to locate a solar company.

Once you find solar installers in your area, it is sometimes a good idea to research the results. Many companies will list previous clients or have testimonials available for you to peruse. If you have questions about a particular company, these client lists are an invaluable resource.

Another way to find solar installers in your community is to check with your state’s department of energy. Many will have Web sites with links to various solar companies. Often they will have listings that you can pick up at the offices of the department. You may also want to look into investing in home wind turbines equipment. This alone, or used along with solar panels can reduce your monthly utilities, and help the environment.