Exeltech Solar Inverters

Exeltech solar inverters were the first available on the market with true sine wave potential. Previously, only quasi-sine wave inverters were offered. With the advent of this technology, many other companies were also able to offer pure sine wave inverters.

There are many other firsts in the world of solar technology for which the company is responsible. Exeltech solar inverters include the first “N+1” redundant systems, the first “hot” swappable capability, and the smallest and lightest high frequency PWM sine wave inverter. Despite all these achievements, the company has recommended that their products be judged first and foremost on performance and price.

Exeltech solar inverters and systems have been trusted with the responsibility of providing the back up power for all U.S. Embassy communication rooms. Many federal and state agencies also rely on Exeltech’s services. AT&T, Motorola, and Brookhaven National Laboratory are a few examples of other major customers of the corporation.