Denver Solar Kits

In Denver, solar power is serious business for many companies, private and commercial. The Denver Federal Center is receiving a 6.9 million dollar solar retrofit kit installed by SunEdison. It will be a 6 acre park, and will generate about 10% of the buildings power, or enough power to run 200 homes a year. The federal center has a goal of becoming the most sustainable campus by 2020, and they are well along their way.

Denver has mandated that all utilities generate 20% of their power through renewable sources by 2020 as well, and most plants have agreed to go even further to expand renewable energy sources, especially solar power. Most solar arrays are funded, built and maintained by different companies, governments and people all working together. Once installed the value is carried much further that just the recipient of the electricity.

Solar power is completely silent, and produces no harmful bi-products making it suitable Denver as well as other locations. The only bi-product to solar power is electricity making it very safe for the environment. No CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere so they can be installed close to homes with no fear of sickness and deformities that are problematic around power plants and other industrial applications.