Connecticut Solar Installers

Although there are only a handful of certified Connecticut solar installers, they are reliable and more knowledgeable than the average solar panel installer. Because of the certification process, these CT solar installers usually charge more than other installers, but the quality of installation is much higher. Often the wrong panels or the wrong amount of panels are installed because of insufficient knowledge on the subject. Connecting the panels back to the main power grid is often where the most problems occur.

Certified Connecticut solar installers have a code of ethics that maintains their level of professionalism. These ethics include dealing with all customers in a timely matter, providing safe and quality service, maintaining confidentiality, inform the client of risks and only provide services that they can perform. Some other ethics including maintaining professional and accurate business reports and furthering renewable energy sources.

Using certified Connecticut solar installers will result in a much better end product. All certified CT solar installers have the knowledge and experience necessary to complete large and small solar panel installations. Each one has to have a certain amount of experience as well as relevant education about renewable energy or photovoltaic energy. Solar power could easily provide all the power the world needed if enough photovoltaic panels were installed correctly in the right areas. It would not have to cover every surface, as some people fear, but only be strategically placed, and concentrated in unpopulated areas that have excessive amounts of sunlight.