Colorado Springs Solar Kits

Out of a fifty point scale, one being the best and fifty being the worst, Colorado Springs received a dismal 48, one of the worst in the nation. This is surprising since the rest of Colorado is on the fast track to becoming the largest producer of solar energy in the world. This has led to a coalition of companies and businesses to form with the goal of increasing the amount of commercial available solar power.

Colorado College in Colorado Springs has only installed solar panels on a couple of buildings, enough to power roughly one house for a year, even though traditionally colleges are ahead of the renewable energy game. There is plenty of sunlight in the area, but established power plants, either burning coal or nuclear powered have a corner on the market or unfortunately have not diversified.

In Colorado Springs most of the solar power is residential kits that are tied back to the grid, but they barely account for .01% of power consumed. Cheap coal is one factor that has slowed the use of solar panels in the area, but as prices raise more people are sure to look elsewhere for cheaper and less destructive methods of generating electricity.