Chula Vista solar kits

In the city of Chula Vista, solar panel construction requires a permit from development services. The fee for a solar kit permit is $45. To apply for a permit there are several things you need to have planned, and several forms to fill out and bring in to their office.

The paperwork includes a description of how many arrays you will be putting up, three photographs of your existing location, two copies of a construction plan, as well as contact information for any companies you intend to sub contract the labor to. Things such as the amount of power the system will be capable of producing and which kits you will be using are also required information. The Chula Vista Department of Development and Planning will take your completed paper work and forward it to the appropriate divisions.

Prior to beginning construction on your solar power array in Chula Vista an inspector will need to visit your home or office. The inspector will go over any zoning restrictions or other concerns the department may have with your project; and if all these concerns are resolved to their satisfaction they may issue you a permit. The permit fee is due at the time of issuance, and you or any companies working for you are not allowed to begin construction until the permit is issued. A follow up inspection is also required upon completion of the installation of your solar kit.