Aurora Solar Kits

There are six commercial and private entities that are coming together in Aurora, Colorado to construct one of the largest solar power test facilities in the world. It will be constructed on a 74 acre site and be used to test new solar technologies, especially ones that are just about to go onto the market and see widespread use.

SolarTAC is the group that is building the site in Aurora, and it is composed of Abengoa Solar, the City of Aurora, the Colorado Renewable Energy Collaboratory, Midwest Research Institute (MRI), SunEdison and Xcel Energy. The solar companies involved are some of the leaders in the industry. Their goal is to bring lower costs and higher efficiency to solar panels as well as promote them to the general public with low cost solar kits.

Aurora, like other cities in Colorado, is on the leading edge of solar power. There are public and government officials that are vigorously promoting alternative energy sources as well as an informed public that is ready to convert. The biggest delay in conversion to solar power comes from the high costs of supplies and installing the systems, but these are increasingly being offset by grants.