Arizona solar kits

The sun is the most abundant source of energy available to mankind. The amount of sunlight that is absorbed by the earth’s atmosphere every hour is capable of powering the entire planet for a year. Considering the many benefits of solar power, there should be no question as to its importance meeting the energy needs of the future.

Arizona is one of the most ideal locations in America for the harnessing of solar energy. The amount of available sunlight is unmatched anywhere in the country, making the state a magnet for solar companies. For over ten years now, public utility companies within the state have been operating commercially viable solar kits with great success.

One of the more ambitious projects currently underway in Arizona is the Solano Generating Station near Gila Bend, just 70 miles southwest of Phoenix. Once completed (2012 is the current estimate) it will be capable of producing enough electricity to power approximately 70,000 homes throughout the area, using nothing but clean and renewable solar thermal energy. It is hoped that this power plant will eliminate nearly a half million tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually.

Solar kits are becoming increasingly affordable for the private sector as well. Solar panels are being used throughout Arizona as a means of reducing the energy costs for home and business owners alike; and in many cases have eliminated their utility bills all together. Furthermore, these solar power systems are designed to last for decades, meaning that as energy prices go up (and they surely will) the amount of money that can be saved goes up as well.

Solar companies exist throughout Arizona that can help you design and install the perfect solar kit for your home of business. Advances in photovoltaic technology have given rise to a new generation of solar panels that can be more easily adapted to a variety of building designs. These new panels are made to be low-profile and much more aesthetically pleasing than the bulky, cumbersome PV panels of the past. They are also capable of producing electricity more efficiently than ever before, meaning that fewer panels are required to produce the same amount of power.

One of the main hurdles in the solar industry of the past has been economic in nature. However, the increased popularity and advances in the technology have made solar kits less expensive than even just a few years ago. When combined with government incentive programs through both the state of Arizona and the Federal Department of Energy, the cost of installing solar panels for a homeowner is a mere fraction of what it used to be. Solar companies can usually provide you with a complete list of the various incentive programs that are available.

Arizona enjoys an abundance of solar potential that makes it an ideal location for solar power. The state is already on the forefront of government sponsored, commercial solar projects and residential solar kits are popping up in neighborhoods throughout the region. The economic and environmental benefits of solar energy can not be overstated. Being able to power our communities without having to pillage our dwindling natural resources will be instrumental in the future.