Solar Affiliate Program

A solar affiliate program is a great way to become associated with Internet resources of renewable energy products. Affiliate marketing is a type of Internet advertising developed largely in the style of the pre-World Wide Web strategy called revenue sharing. Businesses would pay commissions to other businesses or individuals for referring customers to them. Online affiliate programs work basically the same way although they are a bit more complex and operate on a much larger scale.

Anyone who founds their own Web site can become an affiliate and any page on the Web has the potential to become an affiliate site. A free solar affiliate program can be found online. Affiliate programs are networks made up of affiliates, advertisers and merchants, usually under the supervision of affiliate program providers or managers. Affiliates (also known as publishers) create links and include advertisements on their Web sites. When Internet users click on an ad or link they are directed to another site where, ideally they purchase goods or services.

In some cases an affiliate site gets paid by advertisers, and in turn merchants, simply for the amount of traffic their page receives. Because they are very susceptible to fraud, this type of solar affiliate program is not as common as they once were. Because they are not action-based they don’t provide as much incentive for affiliates, advertisers and vendors to create successful sites. The entire network becomes ineffective.

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