MK 8G24UT 12V 73 Amp-Hour Sealed Gel Battery

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The MK valve-regulated, gelled electrolyte batteries are designed for reliable, maintenance-free power for renewable energy applications where frequent deep cycles are required.

Sealed construction eliminates periodic watering, corrosive fumes and spills. Less than 2% per month self-discharge. Rated non-spillable by the DOT, ICAO and IATA.


Voltage at Direct Current (Vdc): 12 V
Amp-hour Capacity@ 20 hour rate: 74 hours
Bolt Size: 5/16 in.
Weight: 52.5 lbs. / 23.8 kg
Dimensions: 10.9" x 6.8" x 9.88" / 277 x 173 x 209 mm
Warranty Info: 2 year limited warranty from manufacturer
Model : 8G24

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12V 73 Amp-Hour Gel Battery

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