20W Laptop Charging Kit with Xantrex 400 Powerpack

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This is an easy, plug-n-play solar energy system for laptop computers and other small power loads. Power a small CFL or LED light, run a boombox, charge batteries for cameras or camcorders. The possibilities are endless!

# Laptops or notebook computers
# Digital camera/camcorder battery chargers
# AAA/AA/C/D/9V battery chargers
# Boombox
# CFL or LED light
# Other small AC or 12V DC loads

Includes our framed 20 Watt solar panel, Xantrex 400 PowerPack and all the cables and connectors to hook them together. Simply plug the solar panel into the powerpack and place the solar panel in full sun. That's it! Built-in controller prevents overcharging the battery.

How much power can you get from this system? Here's an idea of how you can calculate how much energy this system can generate:

Solar panel = 1.2 amps In 5 hours of sun you would add approx. 6 amp-hours into the 12V battery in the Duracell Powerpack.
6 amps-hours = about 72 watt-hours.
This is approx. how much energy you have generated in one day of sun.

A small notebook computer might use 40-60 watt and a large laptop might use 100 watts or more. A small LED bulb uses only a few watts.

Your 12V battery in the powerpack holds 20 amp-hours. 20 X 12V = 240 watt-hours of storage in the battery.
It's always best to keep the battery over 40% capacity rather than completely discharging the battery.

Add another 20W solar panel or upgrade to 40 watts for faster charging.

Tips for charging laptops: If at all possible, purchase a 12V DC charging cable for your laptop instead of using the 120C AC charger. We have found that efficiency losses from using your AC charger and the inverter in the Duracell PowerPack (going from 12V to 120V back to 19V or so to charge your laptop) can exceed 50%. This is radically reduced when you use a 12V "car cord" to charge your laptop by plugging the "male" lighter plug into the 12V socket on the powerpack.

20 Watt Laptop Charging Kit With Xantrex 400 Powerpack

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