Yingli knows that solar power isn’t just about bringing electricity to your computer screen or cable line. It’s about powering a life style that doesn’t leave a carbon footprint on an environment that we all must share. Sharing means high-quality solar power must be available for all, which is why Yingli provides affordable green energy for any house hold or business nationally. Providing product globally, Yingli has ten branch offices around the world as well as over 11,000 cumulative employees world wide. The world’s first vertically integrated business, Yingli produces over 1 GW of energy, and has recently announced an expansion of 1.7 GW productions by the end of 2011. Having started at 3 MWp in 1998, this would be a huge milestone in the company’s history. Along with several large accomplishments, Yingli also has a strong set of core values that is the foundation of their entire company.

Based on a set of core values such as: Innovation, Trust, and social responsibility; Yingli has won a multitude of prestigious awards. These awards have motivated the company to continue to excel in providing consumers with new product and new energy solutions. Some of these awards include: China’s Most Promising Companies, Applied Materials Award for Outstanding Technology, and several others that include certifications and certificates.

The products that are to thank for this company’s awards and major success are the solar panels that are defined by advanced technology, quality workmanship and robust construction. The Multicrytalline product family alone spans from 175 W to 290 W providing your home or business with efficiencies up to 15%. Not only does the product itself provide high efficiency power savings, but the system used to create the products do as well. A combination of vertical integration and central production eliminates environmental costs like transportation and packaging. One of the worlds first fully vertically integrated photovoltaic manufacturers, Yingli produces product that is trusted around the world for their reliability and individual production methods, such as vertical integration. Vertical integration allows manufacturers to produce product in one, centralized location, which then cuts down on costs and environmental damages. This one-of-a-kind production system provides other benefits like strict quality control, elimination of redundancies, cost optimization, and reduced carbon emissions.

By being one of the first to take a unique approach to production, Yingli has become one of the top brands that is trusted by business and home owners to not only power their electronics, but to power their life. By taking the necessary steps to reduce the amount of emissions that is produced by product creation and sales Yingli hopes to inspire other businesses, manufacturers, and the general public to reduce their carbon footprint and become part of the movement to switch to solar power.