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Living independently without worries about power is quickly becoming a growing demand in the power industry, with many companies turning to solar power options to provide solutions for customers who value environmental safety and freedom from energy worry. Xantrex inverters have revolutionized the way people live with power, enabling consumers to enjoy their favorite tech and use important appliances without panicking about having enough or paying too much for a reliable power source. These inverters don’t need to rely on a noisy generator in order to enjoy the conveniences of personal items at home. Xantrex offers a variety of inverters in different shapes, sizes, and voltages to power just about any energy need.

PROwatt is a favorite in the Xantrex family of inverters, being selected by consumers all over the world to provide reliable energy for their homes or RVs. The PROwatt is a Sine Wave inverter; Sine Wave inverters use the electrical waves that are already in the air to produce energy to power small appliances and technology such as laptops or toaster ovens. Sine Wave energy is one of the purest and most sought after on the market. Many RV appliances or pieces of every day technology will reject any other type of power source that isn’t Sine Wave, making this type of inverter a highly desirable option in the solar power market. Xantrex offers inverters that range from 150 to 3000 watts of Sine Wave power. The PROwatt specifically provides 250 watts of power, surging up to about 500 watts; and can power energy sensitive applications like stereos. This inverter is ideal for heavy AC loads or multiple AC loads, built industry tough but average user friendly. Common applications have been for power tools, microwaves, small RV appliances, and music players. The product features a silent operation; providing high power with little or no noise. Also built-in is an LCD screen, allowing consumers to see how well the product is operating at any time of day or night. The inverter also includes a remote on/off switch, which gives users the freedom of turning the inverter on or off from a distance.

Several other huge benefits are included in the PROwatt inverter, showing by design and functionality that Xantrex really is one of the best in the industry. The industry continues to grow as the demand for environmentally safe solutions increases. Xantrex is advancing with technology, often pioneering advances and solutions in the industry.

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