The Solar Electric House

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The Solar Electric House, Energy for the Environmentally Responsive, Energy-Independent Home.

By Steven J Strong with William G Scheller

ISBN 0-96377383-2-1

"Solar electricity is the direct conversation of sunlight into electricity by solar photovoltaic cells. It is a truly elegant means of producing electricity on site, allowing you to take control of your energy destiny and create your own lifestyle without concern for energy supply or environmental harm. No pollution, no by-products, no depletion of resources, these solid-state devices simply make electricity out of sunlight.

Solar electricity is the ideal source of power for an environmentally-responsive home whether its a luxury residence or a rustic vacation retreat. Wit the right design, the sunlight that falls on your homesite will power your home. Your solar electric system can also be easily configured to provide on-site recharging of solar/electric vehicles allowing you to meet your transportation needs with renewable energy."

The Solar Electric House

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