Sun pumps

Water pumps have always been in high demand, but the need for quality water in remote locations is continuing to rise as water continues to be wasted due to inefficient pumping systems. Applications such as wells, livestock, ponds, and more are experience water waste due to insufficient products. Taking advantage of the gift of natural energy, Sun Pumps submersible solar pumps call upon the suns rays to power panels that then in turn power the pump to flow water where it needs to go. Submersible pumps specifically have the ability to pump water when located underneath or in the structure of the source like in the stones of a well. Sun pumps not only offer an water and energy saving solution but they are also low cost, meaning that rural areas that need to economize can rest assured they are getting a great product at a great price. Not only is the initial cost low, but the product can continue to run for years with virtually no maintenance, saving the consumer even more money. Sun Pumps are meant to pump a low volume of water from shallow depths such as ponds, small wells, troughs, and other smaller water sources. Because the pumps are meant to be outside or in the water source Sun Pumps are built to endure tough weather conditions all year round; constructed of marine grade bronze and stainless steel. The Duplex Series flow rates from ½ to 1 ½ GPM with up to 230 feet or lift. The Quad Series flow rates from 2 to 5 GPM with up to about or around 250+ feet or lift. Multifunctional, Sun Pumps can be used to fill an open tank or be installed into a pressurized water delivery system. Operating under 12 to 30 volts of DC power from any power source, this pump has ever green energy. Not only does Sun Pump have a clear understand of what is required of their products to operate successfully in outdoor water sources, they were also the originator of this high-efficiency solar powered diaphragm type used to pump in 1988. This has given Sun Pump several years to perfect their product to provide consumers with the best pump possible for all outdoor submersible pump needs. They also made sure that their pumps were easy to install and low maintenance, so the customer wouldn’t have to worry about their water source or flow any longer.