Stainless Steel Solar Ventilation Fan

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Item Number: 700-11332-00

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This durable, waterproof solar powered ventilator system is perfect for boats, vans, RVs, mobile homes, dog houses and more! Operates only when in direct sunlight.
This solar vent extracts 680 cubic feet of air per hour under normal operation. For example, an RV that is 14 feet long, 5 1/2 feet wide and 6 feet high would take less than 45 minutes to completely change the air.
To calculate the cubic feet of a space you wish to vent, multiply the length X width X height (in feet).
Then, to calculate the number of minutes it would take to completely change the air in that space you would divide the cubic feet by 680 and then multiply X 60.
Comes with a gasket and installs in a 5" diameter opening
This fan is a smart, environmentally-conscious solution to venting and cooling many outdoor enclosed spaces with solar exposure.
Materials you will need: Screws, sealant, tools for cutting, etc. Vent weighs approx 1.15 lbs. Shipping wt. 2.5 lbs

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