Solectria Inverters

For over twenty years Solectria has been a leader in the solar power industry, continually moving forward to find environmentally safe power solutions. Solectria inverters come in a variety of sizes, voltages, and powers; allowing for use across different industries and platforms. Uses like commercial, residential and industrial are all part of the Solectria inverter applications. The inverters that Solectria manufactures are PV grid-tied inverters, which provide power to locations all around the world. The inverter also provides string combiners and internet monitoring system so the consumer can check on their products performance to see how much they are really saving via the internet. With all these state of the art components put together, one ingenious solution is made to preserve power and the environment.

Residential inverters from Solectria come in two different types, the PVI 3000-7500 and the PVI 1800 / PVIA 2500. The PVI 3000-7500 is a household favorite because of it’s discrete design and bold power supply. Rated with up to 96% percent efficiency, allows for the most power to get to your panel without any waste or excess ranging from 3 to 7.5 kW of power. This inverter is made up of six power ratings to match the grid-tied system that is already installed in the home as well as fully integrated AC and DC connects. The wire box is fully detachable, making the inverter safe and easier to install for consumers and service technicians. Options are available to make the PVI 300-7500 even better, options like internet monitoring and integrated panel assembly. The inverter can be pre-wired and installed on an aluminum grade panel. By selecting these options consumers can have a better handle on their personal power solution as well as save more than ever before. Solectria residential inverters go through a grueling test period which makes sure the product has been made to meet consumer needs and exceed expectations. Some of these prestigious testing certifications include: UL 1741/IEEE 1547, IEEE 1547.1, CSA C22.2#107.1, FCC part 15 B. These are some of the most impressive certifications on the market, stating that the product is safe and efficient. Not all brands hold as many certifications, which is why Solectria is one of the most trusted brands for solar inverters.

Solar inverters are an intensely important part of saving power through ‘free’ or natural energy sources. They are what convert the power that the panels provide into a sustainable solution for consumers. Solectria has done their homework and know what it takes to fulfill their end of the process to save power through solar energy, and does that through their quality solar inverter products!