Garden Fountains

Solar powered water garden features can add extra enjoyment to any garden or lawn, without requiring any extra use of energy. This is because they rely entirely on energy from the sun in order to operate. No fossil fuels are burned to power them and they do not contribute to the release of any harmful greenhouse gases.

Adding one or several of these intriguing items may be the solution for any garden that feels as though it is missing something. Trying to fill the void with more plants and flowers is probably not the answer. Instead, consider selecting from a variety of water features.

Though solar technology is a relatively recent thing in the human timeline, there are many classical and antique sculptural solar powered water garden features from which to choose. A solar standalone fountain with a weathered stone finish can bring a mysterious air of ancient human history into the garden. If an outdoor area could stand to be livened up a bit, also consider adding a birdbath to encourage visiting birds to linger for awhile.

Of course, there are many contemporary options as well when it comes to solar powered water garden features. Many people enjoy floating orbs which can be placed on a pond for an enchanting effect. It is possible to purchase just a solar pump to set up fountains or other water displays without any extra sculptural embellishments. With so many options, there is certain to be a style for everyone.