Solar Air Conditioning

A solar air conditioner is an incredibly practical appliance. The use of an air conditioner is most often desired when the sun is bright, shiny, and beating down on people and their homes. As luck would have it, it is at these times that a solar air conditioner works best. That bright, hot sun just provides more power.

A large percentage of the energy usage which shows up on summer electricity bills is spent solely because of the air conditioner. By utilizing a solar powered air conditioner, all that money can be saved. In addition to lessening the power bill, a solar air conditioner also lessens the negative impact on the environment.

You can cool your home 100% guilt-free (provided, of course, that a solar powered evaporative cooler isn't chosen instead, as this requires water.)

By relying on energy from the sun, a solar air conditioner is making use of a renewable energy resource. This means that there are no reserves being depleted. It also means that no greenhouse gases are being emitted.

Regular air conditioning not only uses large amounts of power but is also taxing to electrical grids. Sometimes, power companies must use generators to meet the demand. Even a hybrid solar air conditioner (one that can run off of solar panels and electrical outlets) can make a huge difference in the amount of energy used.