Shurflo Pumps

Shurflo products posses several qualities that are needed in order to fulfill water pump needs to the highest level of performance. In order to meet the highest quality levels possible Shurflo is always improving their products to conform to the increasing needs of natural power supplies. Solar power uses the energy that the sun provides to create sustainable solutions for several industries including industrial and commercial. One of the most in demand solutions is for finding a way to run water to locations that are in severe need or suffer great waste or excess water use. Submersible solar water pumps help to control water usage so no water is wasted and can be pumped or flowed to locations that may not have been able to receive reliable water flow previously. Shurflo products that make this possible include: 9300 Submersible well pump, 9300 Basic, and SDS-D-128 Solar Submersible pump.

Well pumps come in a variety of sizes and powers. Some are meant for deep wells while others are meant for shallow wells, ponds, or troughs. The Shurflo 9300 for example was deigned to pump water from 0 to 225 feet total, this would require a well casing 4 inches or larger. The product runs off of 12 to 30 volts, intended for primarily for direct panel operation with a controller in the 20-30 volt range. Pump controllers are also a great asset when it comes to getting the most out of solar energy water solutions. This controls the amount of water being used so no excess water is run or water wasted. Submersible pumps are highly beneficial due to their location built into the stricter of the water source from which it gets it’s water. The Shurflo 9300 continues to be a highly recommended product across the globe. Extremely useful in low water applications, Shurflo water pumps can be used in a number of different ways such as remote homes, livestock, shallow wells, and irrigation. Technically described as a high efficiency positive displacement diaphragm pump, it is commonly recommended that the diaphragm should be changed every 2 to 4 years to ensure continual product performance. Shurflo has been rising above and beyond all industry and consumer expectations, providing quality water to business and home owners for several years. Still striving to find nature friendly solutions to everyday power problems, Shurflo continues to innovate and make their products even better than before.