Powering the most homes and businesses around the world, Sharp provides one-of-a-kind products that offer consumers energy solutions through natural resources such as sunlight. Sharp believes in a balance between work and play, powering lives through businesses and homes. With Sharp you can make a power play at work and home, enhancing the enjoyment of your favorite technology. When you enjoy your favorite pieces of technology through natural energy, new perspectives on how to reduce your own carbon emissions begin to become a lifestyle. Sharp believes in a lifestyle with work and play, producing products that boosts productivity, reduces costs, and make solar energy fun. Sharp shares these ideas across the globe, starting in Tokyo in 1912. Employing over 21,700 employees that share the same point of view that Sharp stands for, these employees believe in bringing true joy and satisfaction when making a contribution to society by producing quality solar products. An industry first, Sharp established a Creative Lifestyle Focus center to study and see what consumer preferences really were; a significant milestone for both the company and competitors. This movement also gave deep insight into the world of natural energy, showing the increasing demand for energy solutions. By providing consumers with effective energy solutions, Sharp was then able to determine how to meet the growing needs of the world and consumers for natural power sources.


In their many years of production, Sharp was the leader of several events to shape the world and solar industry as we know it today. Small contributions include being the first company to ship mechanical pencils to America. Other big contributions include being the first to mass produce solar cells for the first time in Japan in 1963, or when they developed the worlds first GND Semiconductor in 1969. Their products have always been the first in leading innovation; however it wasn’t until 1988 that Sharp pledged to become a full-range electronics company, thus starting their mission to balance work with play when it came to the selection of products offered.


Believing in a strong balance between work and play, Sharp has products that has it’s place in both sections of the consumers life. Showing business owners a new way to work and boost productivity with products like their professional projector and LCD monitors. But, of course, business products are only half of the balance of work and play that Sharp stands for. There is also a number of home products that make enjoying your favorite pieces of technology last longer than ever before with solar power. Watch your favorite movies on your home theater projector, play your favorite computer games, and listen to your favorite music longer and more efficiently with Sharpe products.


Sharp: A natural way to balance work and play.