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Solar marine lighting, like all marine lighting, must be able to withstand the weather and rigors that come with boating and the open sea. The lights need to be capable of handling moisture, heat, ultraviolet rays, salt water, and more.

One of the most common applications of solar marine lighting is to mark port and harbor entrances, mark marine perimeters, navigation buoys, and breakwaters.

A benefit of using solar power is that is virtually maintenance free. This is a huge benefit, since this lighting is often used in remote locations. LED bulbs can last 100,000 hours, or over ten years. The most frequent upkeep necessary is to change the batteries once every 3-5 years.

Solar marine lighting is also very easy to install.

Because there is little ambient lighting out at sea, solar marine lighting is designed to be very visible over far distances. For the abovementioned applications, the light should have at least three nautical miles of visibility. Some lanterns are even capable of being seen up to five nautical miles away.

Solar marine lighting can operate almost anywhere on earth, as long as it receives enough sunlight during the day. Of course, the solar panels can still charge when there is only some radiant energy during cloudy days. So there is no need to be distressed when optimal conditions are not available.

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50W Solar Rv, Marine, Cabin Kit
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50W Solar Rv, Marine, Cabin Kit