Rolls 6-CS-17P, 6V 546 AH Flooded Battery

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Item Number: 040-02232-W

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The Rolls Surrette  6-CS-17P is a 6 volt deep cycle battery rated at 770 Ah @ 100 hours rate. It differs from the 4-CS-17P
only in the number of cells, and therefore, the voltage of the battery. This is a very high capacity battery with new generation
series 5000 advantages and features like: dual case, replaceable cells, small foot print and an expected life of 10 years.

Surrette Rolls batteries of Series 4000 come with a complete replacement warranty within the first 24 months from the date
placed in service. After the first 24 months of service the warranty will be adjusted for a period of up to 84 months from the
date first in service. 

Model Voltage Ah/20hr Ah/100hr Length  Width Height Weight
Rolls Volts Ah Ah In In In Lbs
6-CS-17PS 6 Volt 546 770 22-1/4 8-1/4 18-1/4 221

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