Solar inverters are becoming a more and more popular product as time goes by, providing consumers with a natural energy solution that helps to save money and the environment. Solar inverters draw power from batteries that solar panels charge through photovoltaic cells and use the changed power waves to charge products like laptops, music players, and more. Inverters like the kind that RoadPro sell can fit in small, compact spaces in a consumer’s vehicle. Inverters like this can be stored in glove compartments and use cigarette lighters to be plugged into power. These types of inverters are also much, much, much cheaper than industrial sized inverters to power businesses or road signage. RoadPro inverters are a popular product sold through well-known distributors across the web. There are also several different kinds of inverters that RoadPro customers can choose from, each one designed to be the solar solution consumers have been looking for! The RoadPro RPPI-100W 80/100 watt DC to AC power is an ideal example to represent the kind of quality that is provided in every RoadPro product. The RoadPro RPPI-100W 80/100 operates under 100 watts of power with an alternating current power output and a peak of power of around 240 watts; the plug is a direct 12 volt plug. This smart little inverter can plug into any vehicle’s cigarette socket and is equipped with one three pronged ground alternating current receptacle. Compact and lightweight, the fuse is replace able and can provide up to 15 AMPS of power. This small inverter is perfect for the pocket amount of power that is needed in the car while driving to business meetings or vacation spots. The RoadPro RPPI-100W 80/100 inverter was built to power electronics in consumer’s car like laptops, cell phones, digital cameras, iPods, and any other electronic that goes on the road with the driver. And, this little device can handle up to one 149 degree’s Fahrenheit. This inverter provides an easy way to harness the power of vehicle’s batteries to power consumer’s favorite electronic devices using Sine Wave technology. Sine Wave technology is often looked to for power on the road because several appliances can’t run on any other type of renewable energy source but Sine Wave power.

RoadPro has given consumers an environmentally safe solution to power in their vehicles for years, and continues to innovate and come up with ground-breaking new ideas. These ideas lead the industry and powers electronics in cars around the world.