ReStore Enegy/GNB

A division of Exide Technologies, ReStore Energy systems specializes in renewable energy resources and providing solutions to power problems all over the world. ReStore is the manufacturer of an industrial sized battery called Absolyte GP, developed by GNB in partner with Sandia National Laboratories. Together they founded the technology that produced the first VRLA large capacity, deep cycle battery for PV applications and deep charge recovery. The life expectancy of this super battery has been determined at 20 years, providing quality high-performance power for two decades with the capacity of 1200 cycles and 80% DOD. That’s a lot of power! The Absolyte GP is an absorbed matte glass battery; or, more commonly known as an AMG battery. This type of battery gives the consumer more flexibility when selecting a place to put their battery. It can also be mounted either horizontally or vertically, which is another way to allow freedom of battery placement. This has proved to be a huge advantage in home environments and commercial structures. This type of battery also doesn’t require water to be refilled by the consumer, eliminating dangerous hazard when maintaining the product. ReStore considers the safety of the user and maintains this important aspect of battery use as a top priority. It is recommended that the consumer periodically checks exterior conditions and voltage readings to ensure the battery is performing to it’s highest possible capability.

AMG batteries are considered one of the safest types of batteries even though they are a little more expensive than traditional option. This type of battery for example does not emit any dangerous or explosive gasses where cheaper options require ventilation systems to combat that problem. Multiple batteries can even be placed close together without the need of a vapor proof enclosure or vent pipe. And, because they are sealed they do not require a separate battery room. Absolyte GP has all of these advantages and more. The unit can stand up to 77 degrees F. and 22 degrees Celsius when in use. Protective steel tray housings offer maximum installation flexibility and can be stacked eight units high without sacrificing safety. The Absolyte GP is ideal for applications such as: village electrification, telecommunications, residential power, railroad signaling, and navigation aids. Because Absolyte is built tough it can handle all of these applications without suffering damage from the environment while being able to reduce carbon footprints and use natural solutions to power problems.