PV Powered

Leveraging over 30 years of experience in the solar industry, PV Power has used their extensive knowledge to build some of the best solar inverters available on the market today. PV Power sells numerous different kinds of inverters to meet the different, individual needs of every consumer or customer. String, commercial and utility inverters are available in an array of cost efficient price points so solar power can be affordable for any home or business. Today PV Power has more than 500 megawatts worth of power from solar inverters installed all over the world. Each type of inverter also has it’s own advantages and benefits. PV Power however, makes sure that every inverter is equipped with their ingenious technology system even if each inverter is used differently than the other.

Utility grade inverters for example are built to meet the needs of mutli-megawatt PV projects that require full utility controls. In other words, this type of inverter can create and charge through more power than an average inverter. PV Power utility inverters provide the same, if not more, efficiency than other inverters in it’s grade while being half the weight and size of the competitors inverters. The inverter from the utility line that PV Power offers is the PowerStation Integrated Solution. This inverter is based on Solaron line of inverters, which are well known for offering reliability, industry-leading efficiency, and levelized cost of energy. The out-door system is pre-wired which cuts down on project instillation and engineering costs. The package is also designed to be mounted on concrete or pier mounted. Some inverters can’t be mounted on concrete, seriously limiting consumer’s freedom of product placement. The commercial grade PV Power inverters come in a larger variety and voltage. The PowerVault is one of these inverters. The PowerVault boasts lower inverter parts which then reduces the possibility of failure, a redundant cooling system run by Smart Air Management, card-cage circuit board system to minimize interconnections, and up to four inverters for more power. The string inverter system is one of the most cost efficient and provides the type of power that is required for residential homes. These inverters have been graded with 97% efficiency with integrated AC/DC disconnects for ease of consumer use. Warranties range from ten to twenty years, providing ease-of mind for buyers. And the design is sophisticated, so the consumer won’t be afraid to show off their solar energy solution!