Power Up

From solar batteries to hybrid systems and accessories, Power Up provides it all for the users that have chosen to use natures ‘free’ energy, or, solar power. Hybrid systems can include a bank, array, or even a wind turbine that serves only as a back up so the grid is continually powered. These batteries, much like the kind Power Up sells, come in many different styles, voltages, mounting requirements, and wiring configurations. When operating under a well designed and installed solar system, batteries are simple, easy to use, and can be virtually maintenance free. By having the freedom to select from different types of systems consumers can find the right battery to fit their specific needs such as industrial or private residential. Power Up batteries provide components and systems for several types of uses such as solar power OEM batteries that are high in power efficiency to reduce carbon foot prints.

Power Up has their own line of durable OEM batteries that have been one of the top choices of purchasers around the globe for years. Power Up has an extensive knowledge of battery use, manufacturing, and technology. For example, they know that battery ventilation is a very important part of the battery’s design. Ventilation keeps any gasses that the battery may produce away from the outside so that they don’t become a danger to the user. The Power Up batteries are designed with a high quality ventilation system that makes the battery safe for users and installation techs.

Durability is also a main concern for Power Up when they begin to design their continually improving products. Power Up batteries are made with durable battery boxes that can withstand intense in door conditions and outdoor weather. Interior surfaces are often pressure treated in addition to be coated in fire and acid resistant paint. This is just one design aspect that is used in some of the batteries that are part of the OEM catalogue of products. Storage is made easy with OEM products, keeping the consumer in mind they have made batteries in a variety of sizes to conform to end user needs and storage spaces. Besides a few restrictions, these batteries can be placed in several environments and select positions. Power Up strives to power the lives of consumers around the world by proving to consumers through example how great their products are; power up life with Power Up.

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