Monoflo Pumps

Solar pumps have been a growing technology as the search for sustainable environmentally friendly solutions to energy continues globally. The increasing demand for alternative energy solutions is a concern of Monoflo as they continue to innovate and come up with exciting new technologies to provide consumers with solutions that use nature’s ‘free’ energy sources without harming it. Water pumps have seen several uses globally for applications such as general water transference to watering stock and remote location water supply. Monoflo submersible water pumps specifically have seen multiple uses and have proved to be a high-performance product in the water pump industry, continually going above and beyond customers needs.

Specifically, the Sun-Sub submersible solar pump; the most popular in the entire Monoflo product line, it has been a consumer favorite for several years. Sporting either a stationary GPS tracking array ranging from 150 watts and up to 2400 watts, these systems have the ability to produce high flows and water discharge pressures. This means more power without having to sacrifice excess water or damage to the environment. Keenly aware of the importance of keeping the environment healthy, Monoflo also made their Sun-Sub systems with the ability to produce their own power, cutting out the need for diesel fuel or AC power. This advancement in technology has lead to the elimination of windmills in remote areas, providing a reliable water source for those who may not have had that simple luxury before.

The system that is built into the product is simplistic and easily automated for turn off or turn on controls by float switch, pressure kit, or built in electronic pressure control. Using this technologically advanced control system the pump will automatically turn off when it senses that a tank or trough is full, conserving water and reducing waste. Then, if more water is needed it will turn itself back on again if need be. Sun-Sub products are supplied with the complete array of tools and technology to ensure water conservation success. The tools that are included are pre-wired solar modules, array frames, pump element, and a submersible pump and controller. The pump can even be taken to another level of enhancement with the use of GPS tracking solar arrays, AC PowerPak generator, and Sun-Dial telemetry systems. These additional elements have been considered by many consumers as worth the purchase because of the amazing end product. Monoflo has all it takes to provide the luxury of worry-free water.