Kaco Inverters

Kaco is all about proving their worth in the industry, not talking about it. So, without further ado here is more about the Kaco solar inverter product family! The products made by Kaco are manufactured with only the best in quality of materials and are rigorously tested after being made before it makes it into the hands of the consumer. The tests performed on the products are done before shipping, and after final production. The test done before shipping is referred to as a “thermal load test.” This test puts the product in extreme hot and cold zones, ensuring the inverter can take intense temperatures. After having put the inverters in this type of environment it is clear that they can take a good amount of wear and tear before failing or seeing operational issues. The test done before that is called the “In-Circuit Test.” That test is an electrical probe test using a circuit board to see exactly how much power can be put through the product. These tests have proven that the Kaco inverters are one of the toughest, and highest performing in it’s industry.

Kaco provides an abundant amount of product lines from which consumers can choose to meet their specific power needs. The 00Xi series is an example of one of the many excellent options in their solar inverter line-up. The 00Xi has an energy efficiency percentage up to 96 and as low as 94, ensuring minimal loss of energy; voltages are selectable from 208, 220, or 240. Installing the product as just as easy as saving energy. The easy install bracket cuts the mounting process down to fifteen minutes. Pre-wired and separable integrated disconnect makes installation cheaper, cutting down almost one hundred dollars off the total install bill. A high-tech connection box cuts out costly channel raceways by connecting directly to multiple inverters. And last, but not least, it is light weight! Up to 50% lighter than other models in the same category. Instillation is only half of what makes Kaco products brilliance. There is also much to be said about the superior design features. The chamber is split, so all power electronics are housed in a separate area. There is also a super strong outside chamber that serves as a second layer of protection for the powered electronics within the chamber. Having made solar powered electronics for over 60 years, Kaco knows a thing or two when it comes to consumer satisfaction.