HuP Solar-One

HuP Solar-One batteries use the latest technology to provide the highest maximum charge and ensure maximum energy transference. Not only does HuP Solar-One pride themselves on the use of advanced technological systems, they also have one of the best warranties in the renewable energy industry. Equipped with a ten year warranty, consumers receive free replacement within the first seven years. There is a difference between HuP Solar-One and other brands, starting with their original product warranty. This is a mark of HuP Solar’s confidence in their product, having been in business for over twelve years and only experiencing less than 1% failure rate. This extremely good track record could not be possible without extremely reliable product, an experienced team, and a dedication to providing environmentally save solutions. Due to 2100 80% deep cycles over a 10-year service life there is a larger usable battery capacity in renewable energy. Because of dedication to high international quality manufacturing standards, only the best materials are used in the production of the product. Flip-top caps reduce maintenance time and over 9 square inches of terminal area that allows for multiple connections without terminal blocks are just a couple of the unique manufacturing perks that HuP Solar-One batteries provide. Design is extremely important to the HuP Solar-One team, using their patented recipe to achieve extra battery life. Slightly enlarged epoxy coated steel casing allows each battery cell to be removed for easy, on-site assembly. They are also made with lead plated copper intercell connectors with stainless steel connecting hardware to ensure maximum energy transfer and reduce corrosion and amount of maintenance required. The grid pattern alone that is employed by HuP technology is revolutionary, allowing the product greater utilization across a board of uses. The negative plate is made with a staggered grid pattern, allowing the heaviest positive plate to provide the largest amount of active materials possible. This unique grid design promotes more consistent performance levels and increased power capacity among the heavy plates. These plates are wrapped vertically in five layers, which make all of these perks and advantages due to the staggered grid pattern to become possible. HuP Solar-One industry is one of the most unique in the solar industry because of their patented designs and one-of-a-kind warranty. This has been one of many contributing factors in what makes them one of the leading manufacturers in the solar industry for multiple years in a row.

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Deka 8A22NF 12 Volt 55 Amp-Hour Sealed AGM Solar Battery
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Deka 8A22NF 12 Volt 55 Amp-Hour Sealed AGM Solar Battery