Garage Screens

Solar window screens are great additions to any home. They block out both the heat and the light which reach a home through the rays of the sun. The obstruction of these factors can be beneficial in a variety of ways.

Most people know that the heat of the sun raises energy bills. Using air conditioning to bring the temperature of a warm home down to a bearable level is often one of the greater expenses to show up on electrical bills. The simple use of solar window screens can greatly reduce the need for so much air conditioning in the home.

Sunlight is good for one’s health. Also, making use of natural light for the lighting needs of the home can be a very energy efficient move. However, just as too much sun can damage human skin, too much sun can damage furniture and carpets. This is evidenced in how a favorite couch may fade on the side facing a sunny window, while parts that see less light remain brighter.

Solar window screens offer protection from the sun's light and heat and their respective effects on a home and furniture. While doing that, these window screens still allow for a great view and let in some light. Also, many models are conveniently rolled up when their protection is no longer necessary. These are more commonly referred to as solar window shades.

Additional reasons to buy and install solar window screens include the privacy they provide, the bugs and dust they keep out, and the reduction of glare on windows they achieve.